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The Science

It's hard to imagine that less than a century ago, the "talking cure" — alleviating physical and emotional pain through talking — was a revolutionary idea. Now, with images of men in white coats and patients on couches stuck in our minds by Hollywood, psychotherapy has become a fixture of popular culture.

Understanding of the human mind and behaviour requires multiple approaches and involves a variety of academic disciplines. One of such approach is Psychiatry. With its own share of Ups and Downs throughout the history, today "Psychiatry" is one of the major specialities of medicine and is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders. A scientific approach widely recognised with established treatment modalities has successfully cured many of the conditions which were once considered untreatable.

One of the other approach is psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is a technical term defined in the mental health field as "any form of communication between a psychiatrist and a patient which involves a relationship between them for the purpose of remedying whatever disturbance, physical or psychic the patient brings for treatment."

There are a variety of different kinds of psychotherapies which differ in intensity and duration. Three of the most common classifications are: individual, group, and pharmacological (drug). Different types of individual therapies include: psychoanalytical, behavioral, cognitive, and cognitive-behavioral.

Welcome to Manthan

Manthan is a fully-equipped, modern-age center dedicated to complete mind-body-soul healing. We provide counseling & psychotherapy and hypnotherapy sessions for adult & children for various psychological issues. An amalgamation of modern approach and traditional modalities, Manthan utilizes the wisdom of philosophical concept of the east and psychotherapy techniques of west. We employ complete holistic approach for healing & transformation.

At Manthan, we have trained and experienced Psychiatrists who are capable of dealing with all kinds of psychiatric conditions. One of the only centres in Gurgaon to have both the Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapists all under one roof. Today as Gurgaon sees the advent of newer technological evolutions on almost daily basis, Manthan adds to it providing hypnotherapy and psychotherapy support.

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